I want 100% of what I’m after, not just 50%

Today is my last day at my full time non-musical day job at the Getty Museum. Going forward I will be living mostly on music, (with the help of part time driving for Sidecar).

For the past four years I’ve had good pay, pleasant co-workers, great benefits and beautiful views of the Los Angeles mountains. I am now going from a place of comfort and security to one of risk and instability. In those four years I released two albums, moved twice (Kathy and I have an awesome apartment that I like to call the treehouse), went on tour twice, and got more done for my music career than many people get done in a lifetime.

That’s great, but I’m still not satisfied. Here’s why:

When you believe in the beauty of your dreams, any obstacle can be worked around, but to be spending the majority of your hours doing something that is counter to those goals is a big logistical problem.

For artists; time is a logistic, space is a logistic and attention is a logistic. I want to give my attention to things that matter to me. I want 100% of what I’m after, not just 50%

This isn’t the first time I’ve quit my day job and tried to live on music. The difference is that, rather than jumping right from full time income source to freelance, this time I’m using Sidecar as a psuedo part time job, filling in the gaps and taking the worry of money off my mind somewhat.

Below is a blog post that I found helpful, about changing jobs, written by someone who I have always looked up to:

Change careers like Tarzan – by Derek Sivers 3/30/2014 http://sivers.org/tarzan

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