What I’m up to right now:

Updated August 19, 2018

Performing Sa 5/18 in Northridge. – FREE ADMISSION

• Production Assistant on 2 music videos for the band Paper Jackets.

Recording a new single with the help of Ed Tree and Chad Watson

• My father’s trumpet will be appearing in a music video by recording artist Yvette Adams.

• Technical Support Engineer at 740 Sound

• Temp Job: Dissembling and installing computers for office moves, including the offices of Hulu, Sony/Playstation, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Warner Music and more. Thanks RobertHalf

Moved to Reseda in January

• Played a really fun Classical Guitar gig on New Years Eve.

• Uploaded my first ever online guitar lesson video to youtube.com/joematzzie

• Playing slide guitar behind Blues vocalist and guitarist, Stephen Bannon.

• Uploaded a new video to my church guitar YouTube channel, ChurchGuitar1

• Did a Facebook Live video with Sean Rainey & Blake Estrada. details here ~ /fb

• Monthly songwriter group hosted by Bruce Garnitz ~ /wip

• Writing new songs..

• Playing mandolin at a wedding on the beach recently, including singing a Led Zeppelin song for the recessional. /wedding

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FAR WEST Folk Alliance Conference, Bellevue WA Oct 14 2016

FAR WEST Folk Alliance Conference, Bellevue WA Oct 14 2016