What I’m up to right now:

Updated Sept 7, 2020

Also check out /blog for more comprehensive music news, vids, releases, etc.. This page was created for those curious about what I’m up to right now.

  • Writing new songs daily
  • Performing daily on social media. Check out the events tab for more info
  • Mailing mug to fans. The double sided album mug is for sale on Bandcamp and we still have a few left.
  • Here’s a link to a song that I sang lead vocals on, as a “hired gun”. It was written and produced by RELATiVE4. Wanna hear it? Click the link.
  • Saving lives one nap at a time. Still social distancing and missing live music. Hoping it comes back some day.

Joe Matzzie 2020-08-24 Rehearsal Video Before Facebook Live

2020-08-24 From the Anti-Live Pre-Record Rehearsal Video 15 minutes before the Daily Facebook Live Concert