Below is a list of awesome and wise patrons who have supported my work as a musician and recording artist.

Stay tuned for new fan funding campaign – coming soon (and by soon I mean January)

The Kickstarter Crew:
In September of 2013 I ran a Fan-funding campaign to finance the album This Box Makes Noise, which was released in May 2014. Without the generosity of these people this album would not be possible:
Kathryn Djouallah,
Marianne & Adrian Taylor,
Tom Matzzie & Claire Rosche Matzzie,
Colette & Daniel Rosenberg,
Paul Hoen,
Michael Barnstijn,
Krista and John Barnette,
Dennis Callaghan,
Nicole Ethridge Russell,
Cathy Hammack,
Robert Matzie,
Carmen Nobel,
Chad Hermann,
Patti Hathaway,
C Nicole Foley,
Blind Dog Tombstone,
Gene Rosenberg & Pat Miles,
Phil and Rosemary (Matzzie) Westerman,
Jim Nix,
John Polinski,
Gillian De Lear,
Katherine Heron,
Don Weisbrod,
Kit Gray,
Rei Tangko,
Joel Evans,
Josephine Catherine Musi,
Tom and Sandra,
Trish Sabino,
Merritt Evan Raff,
Martha Christine,
Karen Linarelli,
Rachel Burckardt,
Don & Karen Harper,
Joseph Puopolo – Pacific Coast Music,
Rico Gagliano,
Kate & Bob Boland,
John Linarelli,
Dorsey Roe,
Colin Doty,
Meghan Cary,
Reed Robins,
Danielle Rosché,
Rob Jaret,
Nika Matzzie,
Curtis Raynor,
Catherine McGahan,
James Lunt,
Lisa Donovan Lukas,
Melissa Eriksen,
Ashley Alexander,
Kyle McGahan,
Paul Safar and Nancy Wood,
Charles Fernandez,
Don and Maggie Broderick,
Devin Glass,
Margie Balter, Jon Dainius,
Nelson Foltz,
John & Melanie Horne,
Don Spade,
Xochitl Rodriguez,
Gretchen Woelfle,
Chris Lane,
Steve B, Paul Vitolins,
Stephanie L. Chan,
Karen Peltcs Zelina,
Morgan Pearse,
Justin Winokur,
Hélène Muddiman,
Amy Engelhardt,
Vivek Maddala,
Dylan Ris,
John Trivelli,
Mike Bross,
Kristina Hughes,
Melinda Beasi,
Laura Liben,
Cindy Kendall,
Ethan Gold,
Emily Moore,
Edward “Tex” Miller,
Rishabh Rajan,
Michael Teoli,
Elizabeth Ruf-Maldonado,
Theresa Dillon,
Jesse Larson,
Bruce Garnitz

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