Joe Matzzie

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Award Winning Folk Singer Joe Matzzie
has announced the release of his fourth
full length album, Baby Steps. The album
is due out September 10, 2021 on vinyl,
CD and digital. Baby Steps is a collection of ten songs written by Matzzie and features the song Home won Joe Best Male Artist in the 2021 International Acoustic Music Awards.

The album coincides with Joe’s moving back to his home town of Pittsburgh PA after 14 years living in Los Angeles CA.

Musically the album draws upon Joe Matzzie’s diverse appetite for acoustic music styles, from Western Swing to traditional Scandinavian folk music to foot stomping Indie Folk. Joe’s raspy vulnerable voice combines with his music conservatory education, years busking in the New York Subway, performing at Renaissance festivals with the Early Music group Mince Pye, and growing up surrounded by Americana Folk music in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to create an album of survival, patience and hunger for more.

Joe Matzzie’s unique sound revolves around his gentle yet raspy vocals and melodic, acoustic guitar riffs. His songs have a folk foundation, but Matzzie enjoys dabbling in genres across the board. Defined, acoustic guitar-driven folk songs like “California Dreamin on Ya” and the harmony filled “It’s All True” exemplify Matzzie’s core sound and display his gifted songwriting ability. – Music Connection Magazine